becoming a dad!

And heres the result! My first born son! After 28 hours of labor pains she finally produced this little guy…It was amazing! I know its a kliche´but theres really no way of describing the feeling. It was the greatest moment of my life!

Heres the the tattoo I did when my girlfriend called me and said she was starting to have contractions and that we should probably make our way to the hospital! Luckly I i only had like 20 min more to go on it ,so we managed to finish it! And Im glad we did. I mean, what better motive then a drunken salamander smoking an opium pipe to celebrate the birth of your son?

We did another session on the phoenix rib i started a wile back. We had a much better flow this time and definitely more effective!

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  1. Scott says:

    Wino Salamander kicks ass…

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