Monthly Archives: October 2012

Almost there… We’re gonna finish it in about a month.. Detail. Its a shame that front claw does not  show […]

Ross Carlson guestspot!

Ross Carlson from Artwork Rebels will be doing a guestspot at Malmö Classic Tattooing 6-7th of dec. dont miss out […]

new project

Started this Kitzune sleeve this week. Nice to have most of the lines done!


Finished this yesterday! Gonna try to get some better shots of it when its healed again…



I finished this new birddragon print the other day. They ‘re at the printers now but  will probably be finished […]

chestpiece done!

killer robot

killer robot setting older piece on fire!

in progress

did a little more on a eagel serpent 3/4 sleeve im working on.  I had to work around some stuff […]

black n grey

I ‘ve done some black n grey lately and I like it! its a nice compliment as long as its […]