Monthly Archives: May 2012

New backproject!

Ichikawa wrestling a gigant koi

Finished Tommys berber woman ribpiece! This was a fun one!

the end is near!

Death horses War   Eye of God

Finished Kalles leg!

I finished my friend Kalles leg the other day. Im gonna try to get some more good healed photos of […]

The crabs…

Finished Thomas crab throat today! Somehow im doing alot of necks right now… Im finishing the apocalypse full neck piece […]

Gods and Devils…..

THE DEVIL !     Started this Fudo sleeve on Hampus a while back…. This is a fun one!

John Engfors från the north tattoos kommer jobba hos oss på malmö classic v.20. maila honom på för att boka tid. vill ni kolla upp vad han pysslar med så gör det passpå!

Heres a throat spider I did at the CPH convention…  

Ill be at the Copenhagen convention this weekend. Look me up for walkins if your interested….

I finished Kents forarm today! I had to take the photos with my mobilecamera unfortunatly…

Just started this little Griffon on Håkan…