Monthly Archives: April 2011

some big jap stuff

Dave came back to get another session on his huge Kirin!  We got a long way to go though…… I […]

at laaaaaast!

Were done at last! My  old master Nypa let me use his shop to do the last session on this, […]

easter tattoos………..

crazy horse! We were actually going to do this guys throat but the stuff I had drawn did´nt really fit […]

The return of the Britts

Last year when I was in sheffield working I did Matt´s hand… So this time he came here to get […]

dragon for Erik

I finished this dragon halfsleeve today..I think its cool to keep dragons kind of dark in scales and save the […]

Taking new appointments!

Im starting to take some more appointments for the fall starting april 25TH ! Call me or send an email […]

copenhagen ink fest!

I just got back from the copenhagen inkfest, and for you who attended you know it was a good show. […]