Monthly Archives: March 2011

fome finished some in progress!

Day of the dead sleeve with roses and skulls on Fredrik. Some parts of this is healed and some of […]

Linköping Gästjobb!

jag kommer att vara i Linköping v 32, alltså 9-12 augusti för att köra lite i min gamla hemstudio Viking […]

more in progressssssssss

We did another session on Joels sleeve! Only color in the sculls and the werewolfs lumberjack shirt and some details […]


Christoff came up from germany to get this gnarly medusa on his throat. He was a real trooper! Four hours […]

Heres a sleeve im working on right now. Skulls roses an woman with el dia de los muertos makeup…. Circus […]

some in progress some finished

Daniel came down from stochholm to get this workingclass commie fist! This is going to be a full sleeve in […]


Virgin Mary in agony… I did this one on James from London a while back….

woman creature and werewolf!

This is a 3/4 sleeve im working on. This guy is from the deep forests of the north but is […]

more photos

Did this little fellow on the inside of an arm… I did the outside like 6 years ago, thats why […]

Tattoo Shop!

After a brief visit with my friend Judd in Copenhagen Im now back in Malmö! Until further notice me and […]