Monthly Archives: January 2011

Dont forget! I start taking appointments for may and forward now on saturday the 29th! If you have questions or want to talk about a project please contact me on or call the shop. PS. you dont have to wait till the 29th to mail me about stuff….DS.

I just got back from Gothenburg, where I got to spend some time with some very good friends! Thanks to […]

the wiskeydrinking indian marine who went to war …..

I did this one on my buddy/apprentice Spanarn last night.  Its supposed to be the dunken indian Ira Hayes from the […]

in progress….

we did another session on this chestpiece today. so next time just the head and then done!

back to work!

Kris came from London to get this piece this week. Its fun when people travel to get tattooed, very flattering! Grim […]

taking appointments again from jan 29th. send me an email or call the shop for appointments. all the info is on this blog

Johans rib phoenix done and done! Im really happy with the coloring, sometimes I think people go a little crazy […]

idle hands….

I did this piece before christmas! I think the banner is a Morrissey song, it says “The devil will find […]