Monthly Archives: December 2010

mermaids and sharks….

finished henkes sleeve a couple of weeks ago. He came in today to take some healed pictures… detailshot of the […]

Im taking new appointments for may and forward, starting jan 29th! If you have a project or any questions you want to ask please call the shop on the number shown on this site or mail me at

more in progress….

new chestpiece in progress! mounted deerhead and three types of swedish treetypes with horseshoe (all on customers request).more color on […]

new project

heres a new project ive started! Fujin riding on dragon. As you can see there is also some covering up […]

more in progress

Johan came down from sthlm to get some more work on his rib. One more session to go before were […]

Im going to start taking appointments again in january,(I will publish the actual date later this week) so as usual if you have ideas for a project or just a onehitter write me an email on or call me at the shop..

So now were finished with Kalles thigh. Next time were doing the calf with more Kappas and water demons! Here […]

some more in progress stuff!

This is how far we´ ve come on Ronnies side. He really did good today, sat like champ! We got […]