Monthly Archives: November 2010

one step at the time…

One more session on Jennys back! At least were done with the coverup part! Plenty more to go though…Next will […]

some old photos…

An old customer from Cali sent me some photos that we took after his last session, so i thought i […]

Guest spot on All Gold in Gothenburg 18-22 jan

I will be visiting my good friend Kalle Södergren at his new shop All Gold in Gothenburg 18-22 jan 2011. […]

more photos

Zaras rose anchor tattoo. Sorry about the fuzzy pic, we were kind of short of time so I had to […]

more paint!

My son is been sleeping about 23,5 hours a day lately, which gave me some time to do another painting… […]

becoming a dad!

And heres the result! My first born son! After 28 hours of labor pains she finally produced this little guy…It […]

sorry for the shitty photo… bad lighting! this might not make sense in english but i thought it was pretty […]

new painting!

new painting! hopefully it will turn in to a backdrop for copenhagen tattoo convention 2011…