Monthly Archives: September 2010

some more in progress stuff…

New update on Pers kappa frontpiece. Observe the cucumbers pattern on the pants… according to japaneese mythology kappas live in […]

New photos!

new chestpiece im working on, cormorant and thorns with some heraldic action going on. This guy must have been one […]

I start taking appointments again the 9th of october! Call the shop or send me an email if you want to talk about a tattoo or bigger project. All adresses and nubers are on this page…

Kviddes forarm! I finished this piece a while ago, I just havent had time to post them until now… The photos […]

Ill be doing a guestspot at thou art in sheffield 27-29 sept! if you want to make an appointment send me an e-mail.

Heres a new little chick!   and girl tat!

heres a bunch of new pics!

Heres a coverup I did a while ago. Theres a big ol black thing in the hair. You can still kind […]