Monthly Archives: August 2010

Ron came in to do another fullday session with yours truely… This is probably one of the bigges tattoos i […]

Kalles hand is finished! After having to beare with peoples comments  at work, is the hand holding a balloon or […]

we finished Ellens jellyfish this week! Its wierd couse  ive never seen so many yellyfish tattoos done, and now ive […]

here´s a new forarm im working on.. somekind of amfibiouse geisha headhunter! hehe .Also, fact of the day: sculls make […]

pär a local tattooer came in this week and started a new front piece project! Kappa fighting spider… more updates […]

new tat!

Another gypsywoman within a couple of days! This time a younger version and a little less gloomy though! Its on […]