Monthly Archives: July 2010

German tattooer sebastian was in denmark on viccation with his wife and thought, what better way to spend a holiday […]

here´s some stuff in progress and some finished…

Kalles hand and chicken in progress. its going to be color later on. He´s a chef, hens the chicken! hehe […]

finally done with the freja sleeve! we tried to keep the whole thing pretty earthcolored…

heres some detailshots of the same arm… im really happy with the head..

here is some more pics..

David came down from uppsala and got a raven all tanagled up in thorns and snakes… I dig doing stuff with […]

freehand traditional dragon on our apprentice karl!  One sessoin fullslam! He sat real  good accually,i wasent really planning to do the […]

the site is under construction folkes, new update soon!

new  mexican skull! It seems to me that tattooer always tend to overcolor the scull and make it to fancy…. […]