Monthly Archives: June 2010

I m starting to take appointments on the 10:th of juli again so if you want to book something call the shop on +4640935000 or just drop by!

here´s some new photos on the freja sleeve…. we finished the serpent this session! only one more to go…. luckly […]

Just got back from a midsummers weekend at the summerhouse… It was awsome! perfect weather ,good friends and loads of  food and […]

Jana came in and did her last session on her little creepy crawlers. I tried to use pretty much the same pallet […]

Henriks dragon/hanja sleeve done at last! We really put alot of time into doing details in this sleeve! Love it […]

Here´s some detailshots of the same arm….

Here is something ive been working on for a while now, Jani is getting a mermaid riding a hammerhead shark and […]

I finished this halfsleeve a while ago now, mad gangster skelleton robbers with commie twist? observe that the guy in […]