Monthly Archives: May 2010

our apprentice Spanarn shredding his ol´pal Jocke! is it fear or excitment in his eyes i cant tell? hehe

outlined the rest of Kalles thigh this week. The ghostwomans robe  is lined in grey to give it a more […]

Chan came down to malmö and finished his leg… The guy on the horse is Guan Yu a chineese god/general […]

we finished this front a while ago, i just found this photo in and old file and had to post […]

we got some more work done on henriks dragon sleeve! The most important stuff is done, now we just have […]

our old twm buddy kalle came down from gothenburg this week to get some work done on his tigh! we finished what we started so far but we have a log way to go still… (were doing the inside too) japaneese demons are awsome especially the rare ones like kappas and tengus….There´s just so many japaneese mythological motives out there! i just think its awsome when people want these kind of motives instead of just the regular stuff…

one hit one kill!  And he sat like a champ the whole time, im must say im impressed, I wasn´t  […]

finally finished my buddy johans frontpiece! the belly and mouth of the snake is fresh and the rest is heald. We started […]

im not taking any new appointments right now, but if you have any ideas about projecs or so just email me and ill try to get back as soon as possible….

heres some of what ive been doing lately.. some finished some in progress